The Princess and the Pizza by Mary Jane & Herm Auch

Match the character with the description. You may use each letter more than once.

A.  Princess Paulina      ______  1. became a woodcarver

B.  Queen Zelda      ______  2. started her own business

C.  Prince Drupert          ______  3. needed a job

D.  Paulina’s father ______  4. wanted a bride for her son

                  ______  5. wanted a fairy godmother

   ______  6. held a princess contest

   ______  7. ate popcorn-pineapple pizza
                                                                                          (pick two characters)

                                 ______  8. played cards with Paulina’s father
                                                                                          (pick two characters)

Use the word bank to help you complete the first blank in each sentence below.

1. Princess Paulina was ___________________ when she __________________________


2. Queen Zelda was _______________________ when she _________________________


Match the story event with the fairy tale.

A. Try on glass slippers      _______   1. Rapunzel
B. Long-haired princess     _______   2. Cinderella
C. Seven little men_______  3. The Princess and the Pea
D. Pile of mattresses   _______   4. Snow White

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