Name:  _____________________________________
SUPERDOG: the heart of a hero  by Caralyn Buehner

Cirlcle the following words that describe Dex:

Put the following words in alphabetical order:


muscles                       ______________________________

superdog                     ______________________________

cape                             ______________________________

work                             ______________________________

exercise                       ______________________________

teeter-totter                 ______________________________

Find and correct the mistakes in punctuation, spelling and capitalization:

dexter was little but he wanted to be a brave hero  a big cat named cleevis lived in the same neighborhood  cleevis mad fun of dex   dex stated exercising to became strong   
he worked hard everyday   finally a package came in the mail   now dex had a sh iny 
suit   now dex looked like a superhero   dleevis made fun of dex's suit   why couldn't 
cleevis understand the reason for dex wearing a special suit   after dex saved cleevis 
from the top of a tree, the cat wanted to be like dex

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old  muscular      lazy   tricky      crazy
Name:  _____________________________________

Superdog: the heart of a hero               

Make the following words past tense by dropping the "e" and adding "ed":

force+     ed= ________________________

struggle  +      ed=________________________

live  +      ed        =________________________

decide    +     ed =________________________

love  +     ed        =________________________

notice      +     ed        =________________________

arrive              +     ed         =       ________________________

tackle                     +     ed         =       ________________________

gaze       +      ed         =       ________________________

Make the following words past tense by doubling the last letter and adding "ed":

hop+ed= ___________________________

stop+      ed= ___________________________

drag+      ed=        ___________________________

rip    +     ed        =        ___________________________

grin+       ed        =___________________________

slip  +      ed        =        ___________________________

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